Build your own precice seismometer with spectrum analysis

Month December 2019

Setting the seismometer into the soil

After many months of work on the hardware part with the Rapsberry Pi, the ADS1262 and the geophon SM24, the seismometer was finally installed in the ground.Hereto, a 50 cm long spike was struk into the soil.Between the spike and… Continue Reading →

Preparation of the casing

Before installing the seismometer in the ground, a housing must be prepared. Here a small waterproof case with a transparent roof was used. The transparent roof is fixed with 4 stainless steel screws.The housing requires some holes for cable glands,… Continue Reading →

A pcb protoboard for the ADS1262

After the hardware with the ADC, voltage supply, geophone and termination of the geophone was setup, the hardware was transferred from the breadboard circuit to a prototyping perf board.Even though this is still a very simple and rough construction, far… Continue Reading →

A better termination for the SM24

Since the beginning of the project, a very simple circuit has been used to couple the SM24 sensor. It consisted of three 1 kΩ resistors: the one in middle serves as the termination shunt for the SM24, as indicated in… Continue Reading →

Using interrupts for measurements

In the past, the voltage measurements of the ADS1262 were recorded in a polling loop. A polling loop is the simplest form for performing repeated measurements. The loop reads a measurement and then waits for a certain time, e.g. 2… Continue Reading →

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